Yoeleo Carbon Wheels and Frameset For William Wisse

Name: William Wisse
Country: New Jersey, 08753 United States
Item: Yoeleo C88 Blue Carbon Wheels / Yoeleo T38 Blue carbon wheels / Yoeleo 88 Blue Carbon Frame

T38's First Race

With my 5th set of Yoeleo wheels I went with the straight pull blue set with the baked in logo. Prepped and mounted them with a new set of tubular tires. Planned on racing them in a big weekend crit. I like racing the 38's in all but the most climbing intense races. Being sort of a light weight I can accelerate the 38's quicker then the 50's and I don't get blown around as much. During the race hit a nice sized pot hole and the wheels didn't flinch at all. Too bad the other guy in front of me didn't have the same wheels because he had to pull out a flew laps later with a flat. These wheels cornered like a champ and took all the force I could put into them in the final sprint. Dished perfectly as well, but I have come to expect that with all my Yoeleo wheels.

Yoeleo 88 Blue Carbon Frameset

I built up the Yoeleo 88 frame with new Shimano components and raced it this past weekend to a hard earned 4th place.
Everyone I showed the bike to, and the few I let test ride it were impressed by the feel and the bike handling in general.
It is a true race ready bike.
The bike tracks into high speed corners right were I point it and there was no flex from the bottom bracket or rear stays during any accelerations and sprints.

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