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Every team has a dream, and for Men To Rise, their dream is not just any dream. Their dream is a noble one, a reflection of the true soul of the cycling community, and what it means to do professional cycling.
Men To Rise is a Romanian-based, UCI Continental team that was found in 2018 and aims to provide an optimized environment for talented Romanian cyclists to develop and grow into the best version of themselves. Men To Rise invites any persevering cyclist who strives to work hard to fight and achieve their dream to join their cause and grow with them both as a cyclist and as a person. Of course, their journeys are not without a hitch. Every now and then, a problem will present itself in front of the team. Whether it's a big one or a small one, the team unites to face the challenges and overcome them together.
Seeing their tenacity and hopes of providing a platform for professional cyclists, Yoeleo is more than glad to support them in giving opportunities and platforms for aspiring young Romanian racers. With that being said, Yoeleo is more than proud to announce that we will be supporting Men To Rise in their competitions by providing them with Yoeleo's UCI Approved framesets. It is more than an honor for Yoeleo to be working with such gifted cyclists while contributing to the cycling community at the same time.
The team consisted of seven all-rounders, 2 puncheurs, one climber, one sprinter, and a climber/puncheur. They are Denis, Ioan, Leonard, Calin, Iustin, Bogdan, Andrei Cojanu, Lars, Stefan, Andrei Amariutei, Adi, and Gerhard. The team loves to share their stories and information about their upcoming races on their social media platforms. Once you learn about them, you wouldn't want to miss the journey of these talented Romanian cyclists.
The team had left their mark on the history of cycling, and it is not just any mark. Few of their most spectacular marks include the winnings of Ioan Dobrin, who is the champion of ITT U-23 Romania and 1st Stage of Turul Deva, and Leonard Barbu, 4th place winner of Romania RR, and 13th place on Turul Celco Marea Neagra. Working with Yoeleo does not only mean that they will get the best quality frameset, but also means they can unlock their full potential and give the best performance for every race, from national racing events, to the most important world-level racing events.
Interested in seeing more of Yoeleo supporting Men To Rise to achieve their dreams and climb to the top? Make sure to follow both Yoeleo and Men To Rise on social media to get the latest updates!
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