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 Be Yourself: Create your own, one-of-a-kind bicycle in the world through YOELEO's customized painting!

YOELEO offers customized painting service - "BeYourself" - to highlight the uniqueness of your bicycle. Not only can you choose your preferred color combinations, but you can also add patterns and other details.

Unleash your imagination and showcase your distinctive personality through unique color schemes and original designs. Here, you can learn more about customized painting and place customized orders.


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  • What can you do through the customization service?
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What is customized painting?

Customized painting refers to applying unique designs or colors to bicycle frames and the like. The colors and designs of regular bicycles are predetermined by manufacturers, while customized painting allows you to create a one-of-a-kind design according to your preferences. Customized painting can turn your bicycle into a work of art.

YOELEO provides the "BeYourself" customized painting service, where you can choose colors, logos, designs, and more.

What can you do through the customization service?


From simple and delicate designs to complex ones,
From classic styles to modern ones,
There's a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Be Yourself catalog3.jpg__PID:a80f251d-ca46-4982-8f33-35883fcfc81b

2.Color Selection

There are two methods for specifying colors.
Method 1: If you have reference pictures or other materials, it can help us better understand your requirements.

Method 2: You can choose your favorite colors from the color chart and specify the specific color code.

Be Yourself_color.jpg__PID:c678b604-d2ae-4994-b93a-3f1f23232ffc


Recommended positions:
・Down tube (main logo)
・Head tube
・Rear fork (model emblem)

Watermark color options:
・Black, etc

Be Yourself_decal.jpg__PID:fb4d3e61-b5aa-493b-8058-b1baa21592c8


Be Yourself catalog13.jpg__PID:6849b8b7-760f-406b-9a0c-92c9567d6025
Be Yourself catalog14.jpg__PID:49b8b776-0fc0-4b9a-8c92-c9567d60251a
Be Yourself catalog25.jpg__PID:47189acd-9298-4176-8bbf-ed32f53513bb
Be Yourself catalog26.jpg__PID:189acd92-9871-464b-bfed-32f53513bb48

Delivery Time

Our painting is meticulously crafted by professionals, and the painting process takes a certain amount of time.

Custom orders have longer delivery times compared to regular orders. Generally, the goods will be shipped within approximately 40 to 50 days after the design is confirmed.

We will do our utmost to deliver on time.

(The delivery will take approximately 5 to 10 days from the shipping date.)


As it is not a standard color, additional charges will apply.
Essentially, the additional cost for customized colors is $300.
Prices may vary depending on your desired design and colors.
For example, the price for electroplating painting will be higher.



Ordering method

Step 1: Please select "customized painting" on the product page of the official website and place an order.
Step 2: After payment, we will communicate the design with you.
Step 3: After the design is confirmed, we will send you an order confirmation email.
Step 4: Once you confirm the order, we will arrange your order.
Step 5: Before shipping, we will send you physical pictures via email.
After shipping, we will notify you via email and provide the tracking number to track the logistics status.

Agency or bike shop

You can also place an order through a bike shop or agency. YOELEO has several agents in
If you need detailed after-sales and support, we recommend purchasing from the agents.
To the bike shop or agency
Step 1: Place an order via email and inform us of the model/color/size you need.
Step 2: After payment, we will communicate the design with you.
Step 3: After the design is confirmed, we will send you an order confirmation email.
Step 4: Once you confirm the order, we will arrange your order.
Step 5: Before shipping, we will send you physical pictures via email.


Method of confirming the design

    Step 1: Determine the model and size based on your order.

    Be Yourself_model.jpg__PID:182406f8-114c-4011-9a4e-59c4d51589d8

    Step 2: We will ask you about your requirements and ideas for the design via email or other means. If possible, you can send us relevant reference images so that we can create a design that closely matches your ideas.

    Step 3: Send you the design made by our experienced and skilled designers.

    Step 4: If corrections or modifications are necessary, we will make adjustments until you are satisfied.

Real-life Images

Below are some examples. We hope they are helpful.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are looking forward to serving you and meeting your needs.
Let's create your own original frame through our custom color service!

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