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Meet YOELEO UCI Continental Team: 4MIND PROJECT

Meet YOELEO UCI Continental Team: 4MIND PROJECT

We are with great excitement to announce the UCI continental team: 4MIND PROJECT officially becomes YOELEO TEST TEAM.


In 2021, YOELEO TEST TEAM will be using R11, R12 with SAT C50|50 DB PRO for road racing and T21 with SAT C88+D5 DB PRO for time trial racing


About Cycling Team:

As one of the leading cycling teams in Canada, they attribute their reputation to the lasting customer relationships they’ve developed throughout the years. They believe that all of their partner foundations deserve the highest level of visibility, and they are committed to providing just that.

Team members come from 4 main countries: Canada, France, Germany and USA.


The idea stems from 3 cyclists with a common concern about MENTAL HEALTH. With the intention of making the difference from Montreal to Paris, they launched THE 4MIND PROJECT. They will promote mental health initiatives through group bike rides at companies and inspire their community by participating in world-class cycling races.


Team Testimonials:

  • Process

"Set an international cycle racing calendar that includes UCI races (1.2 and 2.2) across multiple different cycling markets (America, Asia, Europe Tour). Recruit athletes that properly use high level cycling performance and integrate it in their professional lives to be high performers in everything they do. Recruit staff that also represent our team values across the globe. Prioritize athletes who are not full-time and single-minded athletes, but incorporate cycling as another component to their identity on top of work, volunteering and academia."

By Alexandre Latil


  • Commitment to Partners

"We train all our partners on ways to identify mental health challenges. With all of our colleagues, we help prepare a training collateral on how to provide support to anyone in their community. Our partners are mainly interested in our team properly representing their values in the community. We are very consistent and relentless with our messaging across all channels. We act with empathy, tend to be humanism and prompt supportive conversations.


Be held accountable by all our partners to metrics of how we are bringing the message to the forefront in all of our races and activities. Properly produce PSAs around mental health in the context of our travels around the world. Race in an ethical fashion and hold our riders to the highest standard. Properly engage people on mental health initiatives across the globe!"

By William Goodfellow


  • Model and Activities

"Our team may be a stepping stone for budding professional cyclists, but is not necessarily our single minded focus to develop this kind of performance pipeline. We tailor our calendar to riders who have other life commitments, but hold high level racing as a priority among a spectrum of life goals. We do not aim to graduate athletes at all costs. We do not depend on traditional cycling sponsorship as a way to keep our team healthy. Do we sacrifice performance, because of this quest of ''balance''. We certainly don't think so! We think that through promoting and recognizing each rider's personal balancing act, we are promoting performance!

Our activities include team training camps, UCI races, corporate events that aim to promote our message in the workplace and volunteering on-site with vulnerable populations."

By Dominic Hamelin





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