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Sponsorship Agreement with a Pro Cycling Team

Sponsorship Agreement with a Pro Cycling Team "Levante Fuji Shizuoka"

YOELEO is pleased to announce that it has signed a sponsorship agreement with the professional cycling team LEVANTE FUJI SHIZUOKA.

◆Wheelset Sponsor
Our company has decided to support Levante Fuji Shizuoka's success in professional cycling by becoming a wheelset sponsor. During the sponsorship period, our company logo will be displayed on the wheelsets and uniforms of Levante Fuji Shizuoka.

Through this sponsorship, we will provide an opportunity for more people to become interested in our company and our products. We will continue to focus on improving our quality control and other aspects of our business, and strive to provide higher quality and more cost-effective products.

With this sponsorship agreement, Levante Fuji Shizuoka team riders will use our wheelsets for training and racing.

YOELEO SAT C38 DB PRO clincher/tubeless
YOELEO SAT C50 DB PRO clincher/tubeless
YOELEO D5 disc wheel clincher/tubeless

◆Team Overview
Levante Fuji Shizuoka is a community-based professional cycling team based in Shizuoka Prefecture. The team name is derived from the Italian word "Levante" meaning "east wind" and Mt. Fuji, a sacred mountain representing Japan.

The team will compete in the Japan Cycle League (JCL) road race series in Japan, aiming to become one of the top professional teams in Japan, while at the same time promoting the appeal of sports cycles and advocating a vibrant lifestyle that incorporates cycling, as part of Shizuoka Prefecture's "creation of a sacred place for cycle sports. We will continue to promote the appeal of sports cycles and advocate a vibrant lifestyle that incorporates bicycles.

Company Name: BC Create LLC
Representative: Representative Partner Yasuhiro Nito
Location: Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Fields of Activity: All of Shizuoka Prefecture
Levante Fuji Shizuoka official website:
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